PIL'ATEN Collagen Neck Mask

  • · fade out neck wrinkle
  • · Moisturizing and nourishing
  • · Firming and beautify skin
  • · Brighten and whiten


Applicable people:Applicable To All People

Multiple plant ingredients, instantly penetrate into the skin, hydrating for the neck skin, make skin elastic and moisturizing fully.

  • Product details
  • Using method

Tender and whiten neck  making neck lines do not stay

PIL'ATEN Collagen Neck Mask

Reduce neck lines/ moisturizing and nourishing/ firming and beautify skin

Build tender white swan neck

Reduce neck lines lifting and firming moisturizing fairbeautify neck by transformation

Deeply nourishing,shaping the neck with Q elastic skin

  • 1.Nourishing neck
    • Nourishing ingredients enter deep into skin bottom, open the channel for the skin moisturizing of neck, lock water for moisturizing, deeply nourishing.
  • 2.Firming neck lines
    • Lock the water inside the skin firmly, improve dryness, and reduce the neck fine lines, making the skin smooth moisturized and bright immediately.
  • 3.Lifting and firming
    • Improve loose and rough neck, lightening the skin, cooperate with massage skill it could reach the effect of lifting the neck skin.
  • 4.Moisturizing and fair
    • Moisturize, lifting and firming skin, improve the dark skin color of neck, making the neck skin remain water moisturized and smooth, show water tender Q elastic skin.

Using method

1. Clean face and neck before use. 2. Keep looking up post, avoid movement of neck, so that the crystal collagen essence could touch the skin and absorb by skin. 3. Paste for about 30 minutes for first time using, if there is no reaction, it could extend to 45 minutes. 4. The remain essence could also apply to other portion of body, massage it till the skin absorb it.

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