PIL'ATEN Nose Mask with mineral mud remove blackhead & acne

  • · Clean oil
  • · Absorb blackhead & acne
  • · shrink pores


Applicable people:Applicable To All People

Cream can penetrate into the skin, absorb and pull out the nose blackhead, reduce T-zone oil, firming and lifting skin.

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Bye-bye blackhead

PIL'ATEN Nose Mask with mineral mud remove blackhead & acne

Clean grease/Absorb blackhead & acne/Reduce & minimize pores


Bye-bye blackhead

  • 1. Dredge Pores
    • Nose mask essence enter deep into pores rapidly, access to the hair follicle, soften the pore horny effectively, dredge the pore channel
  • 2. Absorb dirt
    • Mineral mud of extracted essence express the absorption function, absorb the stubborn dirt within ports effectively & rapidly
  • 3. Remove blackhead & acne
    • After the dirt was absorbed by mineral mud and pores were dredged, the blackhead & acne could be rapid removed smoothly, making the nose clean & refreshing
  • 4. Tender the skin
    • The Nose Mask contains effective ingredient of allantoin, glycerin, etc. which could effectively help to improve the damaged skin, reduce the pores, tender the skin

Using Method

1.Clean the face with warm water before use, and laid the hot towel on the T area for 3 to 5 minutes 2.Open the package, apply the cream on the blackhead area evenly 3.Remove the whole sheet after stay 15 to 30 minutes 4.It could see obvious effect after keep using for two weeks

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