PIL'ATEN Black Export Liquid

  • · Balance oil
  • · Quick Export
  • · Dredge Pores


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Enter deep into pores, dissolve blackhead oil quickly, and make the blackhead float out to skin surface to achieve cleaning effect.

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Easy to emerge oily blackhead

PIL'ATEN Black Export Liquid

Balance grease/Quick Derive/Dredge Pores


Three In One, let blackhead emerge automaticly

  • Dredge:
    • Gentle element penetrate into the bottom of skin, accelerate the old waste cutin on skin layer fall off on its own, also help to dredge the block pores, making the.
  • Dissolve:
    • Penetrate deep inside the pores, lock the target to blackhead, acne, etc. Loose the blackhead root, dredge the pore to make it emerge on its own.
  • Firming:
    • 3D netting type minimizing pores, helping to firming the inside wall of pores, improve the damage pores, prevent the growing of pores.

Using Method

1. After clean the face with warm water, laid the hot towel on T area. 2. Take appropriate amount blackhead derived liquid to wet the cotton pad, and laid it on the area with more blackhead,Keep stay for 5 to 8 minutes. 3. Tear off the cotton pad after the blackhead emerge on skin surface,It OK after cleaning the face with water.

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