PIL'ATEN Hair Removal Cream

  • · Fast and effective
  • · Smoothing skin
  • · National Certification
  • · Nourishing tender skin


Applicable people:Applicable To All People

Remove hair mildly, make skin tender & smooth, keep beautiful skin, not hurt the skin, easy to use.

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  • Using method

Easily one apply and one scrape, all hair removed

PIL'ATEN Hair Removal Cream

Fast and effective/Smoothing skin/National Certification/Nourishing tender skin 


Target to hair removal,silky flawless and more nourishing skin

  • 1.Quickly remove hair
    • Quickly penetrate into hair follicle, starting to separate the hair follicles from the root, non-trace hair removal and does not hurt the skin.
  • 2.Pore refined
    • With effect of shrinking pores, firming skin, also improve the loose skin.
  • 3.Effectively prevent hair
    • Mild formula ingredients, dealing issue from rood cause to reach effective effect, making skin silky smooth.

Using Method

1.Apply the hair removal cream on the area need to remove hair. 2.Use scraper to make the hair removal cream even on the desired zones. 3.Waiting for 5-10 minutes, scrape the cream with scraper. 4.Clean with water.

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