PIL'ATEN Camellia Hand Cream

  • · Moisturizing & Nourishing
  • · Fine & Silky
  • · Anti Dry & Cracked


Applicable people:Applicable to all groups

Moist but not Sticky Feeling. Intimate but not Clingy Darling.

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Moist but not Sticky Feeling   Intimate but not Clingy Darling

PIL'ATEN Camellia Hand Cream

Moisturizing & Nourishing/Fine & Silky/Anti Dry & Cracked


Soften and Brighten Skin    Hands’“Bodyguards”

  • 1.Moisturizing & Nourishing
    • The camellia extract, inside the lotion, has excellent ability of retaining moisture.
  • 2.Fine & Silky
    • Precious white beeswax, inside the lotion, can protect and hydrate the skin more effectively.
  • 3.Easy-absorbed
    • Effective components, inside the lotion, are easy to be absorbed , and moisten hands deeply.
  • 4.Moist but not Sticky
    • The texture of the lotion is fresh and moist , but not sticky.

Using methods

1. Take appropriate amount of hand cream to apply on the hands after cleansing. 2. Gently massage both sides of finger pad, it could fade out the fine lines of hand, gently press joints of fingers, which could promote the blood circulation. 3. Gently reverse to pull both hands, relax them, gently press hukou acupoint, ease the pressure of hands. 4. Massage the meridians of hands, loose hand muscles, let skin fully absorb the nutrients.

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