PIL'ATEN Exfoliating Delicate Foot Mask

  • · Plant extracts
  • · Softening calluses
  • · Tender your feet


Applicable people:Applicable to all groups

Contain plant extracts to soften calluses and keep skin moist.

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Exfoliating and Softening calluses    Make your feet tender

PIL'ATEN Exfoliating Delicate Foot Mask

Plant extracts/Softening calluses/Tender your feet


A variety of nourishment    Delicate smooth feet

  • 1.Plant extracts
    • With ginseng extract ingredients, enhance the vitality of cells , inhibit aging, etc.
  • 2.Softening calluses
    • With mild lactic acid, effectively remove dead skin and calluses.
  • 3.Tender your feet
    • Moisturize the skin deeply, make your feet fine and smooth, light and tender.

Using methods

1. After clean and dry feet, shake the bag so as to extend the essence in whole bag, then take out the foot mask and put on it. 2.Attach stickers to fix the the foot mask and wait for 45-60 minutes. 3.Take off the foot mask and clean feet with water. 4.Each cycle consists of 4 pairs and use a pair every two days. If the peeling is finishing, stop using.

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