PIL'ATEN Collagen Crystal Facial Mask

  • · Moisturizing nourishing
  • · Beautify skin
  • · Elastic and tender
  • · Brighten and whiten


Applicable people:Applicable To All People

Deeply moisturizing, supplement the loss collagen of skin, improve facial skin firmness.

  • Product details
  • Using method

Nourish tender baby skin

PIL'ATEN Collagen Crystal Facial Mask

Moisturizing hydrating/nourish beautify skin/fair smooth/Q elastic skin

Collagen nourishing, nourish tender baby skin

  • 1.Fair smooth
    • Promote blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, making skin texture delicate, making skin smooth and fair.
  • 2.Nourish beautify skin
    • Multiple nutritional ingredients, deeply moisturizing skin from the inside out, show kid smooth baby skin.
  • 3.Moisturizing hydrating
    • Permeate into skin bottom quickly, supply water to skin continuously.

Using method

1.Clean the face before use, tear off the package, take out the face mask. 2.Unfold the face mask, paste the it exactly on face, exhaust the air, make the face mask stick on to face. 3.Tear off the face mask after wait for 15-30 minutes. 4.Gently massage to help skin absorb the remain essence.

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