PIL'ATEN Charcoal Cleansing Jelly Mask

  • · Soften Stratum Corneum
  • · Mildly Cleanse
  • · Adsorb Dirt
  • · Nourish And Moisturize


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Gently remove blackheads, keep skin hydrated and oily balanced, supplements moisture and nutrition to the skin, avoid hurting pores, make skin firm and smooth.

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Gently remove blackheads, Avoid hurting pores

PIL'ATEN Charcoal Cleansing Jelly Mask

Soften Stratum Corneum/Mildly Cleanse/Adsorb Dirt/Nourish And Moisturize


Tender & cleansing, Beautify lasting

  • 1. Soften stratum corneum
    • The mask contains papain which can degrade corneodesmosomes, cause corneocyte to peel off, gently soften the stratum corneum.
  • 2. Mildly cleanse
    • The mask contains YEAST extract, ANTHEMIS NOBILIS extract and other plant ingredients, which can be rapidly absorbed by the skin. Excessive hydration can weaken the normal defences of the skin. To clean face in short time can avoid excessive hydration.
  • 3. Adsorb dirt
    • Bamboo charcoal extract can adsorb dirt and excess oil from pores, make skin clean and clear.
  • 4. Nourish and moisturize
    • The mask by Jelly texture can easily close to the skin, help yeast extract supplements moisture to the skin, effectively nourish skin.

Using method

1.Clean face, apply some jelly mask evenly to the skin, the thickness of jelly mask is about 0.3cm. 2.Notice, if jelly mask thickness is too thin, it will weaken the function of removing blackheads. 3.After 30 minutes, remove jelly mask by plastic scraper, then wash face with water.

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