PILATEN cooperated with hot TV play of iPartment


The cross-border cooperation between LOVE DEPARTMENT & PILATEN, is firstly based on the  consistency of target consumers, the amount of play for the play series of LOVE DEPARTMENT was over Billions of people,  the attention people were over 200 million during time slot, holding the top 3 on hot topics of microblog firmly, TV CPP breakthrough 5 above, which holding the first firmly, website cumulative hits 1 billion times, while the highest single click more than Spring Festival qala, and the consumers are focus on the generation after 85, 90 & even 00, which are young generation mainstream film fans,the percentage of female consumers is over 65%, which is the main force of current entertainment & e-commerce consumers, this exactly match with the consumers type of PILATEN brand. Secondly, the other key factor of this cross-border cooperation is the brand complementarity under the same consumers condition, TV play watching & consuming by e-commerce are independent behavior by same people group under the same scene, this could get the synergistic effect for the brand.

Therefore, by the chance of hot broadcast of LOVE DEPARTMENT 3, PILATEN made cross-border cooperation with LOVE DEPARTMENT, it could use the user identification & user reaching ability of the accurate viewing of LOVE DEPARTMENT, as well as the integrated marketing advantage of online & offline, gather the connotation and market sentiment of each brand, thus, to realize the synergistic effect for the brand and expand the brand publicity effect through the deep merge of TV play entertainment & e-commerce elements, also, enhance the brand 3D sense & depth sense and further strength the brand influence.