PILATEN cooperated with big TV show of SUPER SPOKESMEN


Under the big background of cooperation with variety show for entertainment marketing, PILATEN brand is also more and more willing to meet the needs of the new generation of consumers, aim at the target consumers, grasp the era burning point, sponsor and participate the variety show which match the brand concept, so as to make the brand more bright with young vigor, and attract more potential customers.

PILATEN would like to cooperate with SUPER SPOKESMEN, it is based on the matching between the show creation concept of make the dream come true and brand concept of PIL'ATEN. Meanwhile, PILATEN also made the first trial on the recording of the show SUPER SPOKESMEN in television Travel Channel, taking the role as the enterprise judge, and having interactive cooperation by innovative, combine with the show progress to attract more customers to interact with the SUPER SPOKESMEN team, playing on the variety show with new ways, through which, it further strengthen the brand influence.