PIL'ATEN Skin Compact Toner

  • · Shrinking Pores
  • · Firming Skin
  • · Moisturizing


Applicable people:Applicable To All People

Quickly penetrate into bottom of skin, balance oil secretion, shrink pores, improve rough skin.

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Young skin secret, Invisible pores

PIL'ATEN Skin Compact Toner

Shrinking Pores/Firming Skin/Moisturizing


Fine and glossy pores, make skin relaxed

  • 1. Minimizing Pores
    • 3D netting type minimizing pores, increase skin elasticity, improve the skin fine lines problem due to lack of water, gentle the skin.
  • 2. Balance water & oil
    • Fully moisturizing, keep skin in balance of water & oil, make the skin moisturized and gentle, glossy for all day, show young white skin.
  • 3. Tender & beautify skin
    • Gentle element go deep into bottom of skin, with effect of moisturizing and get rosy white skin, making the skin young and more whitening.

Using Method

1. After clean the face in the morning and evening,take appropriate amount of essence to wet the cotton pad. 2. Apply the essence on the face evenly, massage the face gently to promote the absorption. 3. It could see obvious effect after keep using for two weeks.

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