HANGZHOU PILATEN COSMETICS CO.,LTD is a professional cosmetics company dedicated on pore cleansing and skin care, with several research and development factories local in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hangzhou, we are the global leading company on blackhead extraction field. 

The Sub-Brand PIL'ATEN has got brand patents for 69 countries, having Oversea Office and General Agent in 11 countries, and aquired oversea marketing experience. 

Our Sub-Brand PIL'ATEN is Popular on pore cleansing and skin care, while the Sub-Brand PILAGIRL dedicated on Skin cleansing and nursing for young age 16-22. The Top Popular Star products of PIL'ATEN sales more than 10million pieces in 2017, including the Blackhead Extraction face mask, Mineral Blackhead Extraction and Acne Removal Nose mask and White Clay Peel off mask.